find us at 201 westminster road, walton L4 4LR,inside the elm tree garage opposite the elm tree pub
alternately phone
tony 07751286584 or jay  07738077620
we stock a wide range of pellets, pastes, groundbaits at very cheap prices
we have a wide range of feed pellets, ranging from low oil coarse pellets through to the higher oil halibuts or salmon pellets,they come in various sizes from 2mm micro's to 10mm they normally come in 1 kilo bags that sell for between 2 to 2.80 .but we can do bulk orders of sacks if you give us some notice.
we have a range of hook pellets, from the ready made that come in various flavours and supplied in handy pots or bags of traditional expanders in sizes from 3mm to 6mm
we stock a range of groundbaits, from your traditional brown and white crumb through to more exotic and specialist method mixes,spod mixes, explosive hemp, different colours and flavours are available and as with the pellets we can provide them in bulk if needed, normal crumb starts at 1.40, whilst the method mix, spod mix and special crumb is 2 a kilo.
we also have a range of hemp either pre-prepared in handy tins that you can use straight from the tin or traditional bags of uncooked hemp that need preparing, only 1 a tin or 2.50 a kilo uncooked.
we have available various pastes, hemp oil and corn steep liquor that you can add to your baits or groundbait and we have just started to stock a small range of ready made rigs, floats, feeders and disgorgers we always have special offers on of bargain buckets, please see the forum for details of the latest offers
look out for the sign outside the unit and feel free to pop in anytime, parking is best over the road in the elm tree pub, jay and tony are always on the forum so you can always ask them of details of any special offers or orders on there